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bohdan yuri hamulak (Orlando)


A babbling bubble floats

Inside the dark shadow of infinity;

Let loose from beyond

The light of a celestial curtain,

Its spoiling decay

Lends an unstoppable madness.

Within this space of absurdity

Live savages,

Loving and unloving forms

Which devour each other,

No matter which morality

Rules the game.

It's a wonder, I ask,

Why this breath to create?

Your hallowed whispers

Only gave birth to fear.

Return us to the black silence

Where pain cannot breathe,

And memories hold no form.

What purpose to live for You,

Except to measure our tears,

And to fill the well of sadness;

How bitter our sins will taste

At the sipping of our souls.

Why remember how it feels?

Poetry from the magazine -  Issue 30